Our brief was the challenging insertion of an addition to our own School of Architecture at the University of Texas (UTSOA) which could respond to the distinctive presence of the existing campus buildings.  The problem invovled wrestling with the nature of architectural education in the 21st century and the manner in which it responds to a rich tradition of design pedagogy.

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This view looking down the West Mall, a main pedestrian entry to campus, shows the traditionaal vernacular architecture of the University of Campus.  My response aimed to continue the evolution of this language in a manner fitting for a architecture school in the 21st century.

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The School of Architecture is a small cluster of three buildings located in the heart of the old campus just south of the main West Mall.  My intervention strives to avoid the tradition on campus of infill buildings which overtime slowly eat away at the public spaces which give the campus its unique character.



Comprise of Goldsmith Hall, Sutton Hall and Battle Hall the School of Architecture is one of the oldest on campus and retains an air of authority situated in the center of the old campus.