Camp Aransas is located on Redfish Point, part of an innercostal Bay system north of Corpus Christi, TX


This area of the Texas Gulf coast is one of the premiere bird watching destinations in the entire United States.  The confluence major migratory routes means that Aransas County is a prime location to spot hundred of different species of bird.  Our bird blind represents the first phase of a new wetland education campus current under construction at Camp Aranzazu.  

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The bird blind is located at the far edge of the wetland property looking out over an area of permanent brackish bay water and tidal wetlands.  Our consultation with birding specialists helped us choose a viewing point which would allow for sighting of both coastal and wetland species.

Solar Diagram-01.jpg


We limited our solar analysis of the blind to the critical summer hours when the local climate would be hottest and when Camp Aranzazu would be most likely to use the wetland education campus.  This specificity helped us fine tune our shading devices to have the maximum impact.



Over the coming year further phases of the wetland education campus will be installed along a board walk and nature trail.  It will eventually provide tools for campers to learn about all of the plants and animals which contribute to a healthy wetland environment.

Wind Rose-01.jpg


The site can seem unbearable when the air is still.  Ensuring we didn't block the strong coastal breeze became a necessity of the design.  Elevating the observation platform even two feet off of grade we gained a substantial wind speed increase over the flat open terrain and achieved the aesthetic goal of lightly touching our site.