Inspired by lighthouse keeper's quarters, which exist to steward significant civil infrastructure, this project is for a small meeting and maintenance facility for the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).  The project site is located on the north bank of Lady Bird Lake adjacent to the Tom Miller Dam powerhouse just north of the Redbud Trail Bridge.  The LCRA, which operates and maintains the Highland Lakes dams of Central Texas, has a substantial administrative presence in the office buildings nearby and an emergency operations center in the LCRA Redbud Center to the south.  This project will provide a large meeting space, dining hall, outdoor observation balcony, storage and a launch for two boats, and an office/workshop with overnight quarters for a dam keeper.

Extending the structural rhythm of the dam as a framework for manipulating the ground plane, this facility aims to re-frame the human scale through the serial occupation of thresholds which prompt an understanding of the dam as mass organizing volume.